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Bespoke Software Support

At MSM Software, we provide outstanding support and maintenance for your software systems. And we don’t just fix bugs - we help you to manage the impact of any system changes to reduce risk, allowing you to extend the life of your systems for as long as you need them.

Whether you have a business critical system that suffers regular outages or your software has been so customised that your supplier is unable to support it, our range of support services can help reduce maintenance costs and stabilise your system to improve productivity.

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Our Bespoke Software Services:

Application Maintenance

Free up resources and get the most out of your software by letting us take care of your applications.

Health Checks / Technical Audits

We’ll analyse your software or a current project to identify inefficiencies.

Legacy Support Services

We’re experts in reducing the cost of maintaining, and prolonging, the life of your legacy systems.

Mobile Application Support

If you don’t have mobile specialists in house, we’ll help support and integrate your mobile applications.

SharePoint Support

Ensure your SharePoint solution is utilising the right features and functionalities for your business needs.

Database Support Services

For guaranteed response times and optimal performance of your business critical database, at all times.

Bespoke System Support

Whether your system was written by a third party, or it’s been heavily customised, we’ll take on support.

Escrow Services

Mitigate risk and protect your business critical systems with our secure software escrow agreements.

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