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What do 100 IT leaders think about the changing role of IT? Find out here.
Projects which seem doomed to fail can be recovered - find out how in this infographic.
Is legacy software a burden on your IT team? See how to overcome the challenge.
The typical ‘roadblocks’ IT leaders might encounter with useful ways to overcome them.
Realise the ROI on your software development in four steps.
Find out how to manage the risks of legacy systems.
How do you make sure your next enterprise application development is a success?
Is an enterprise mobile application right for your business?
5 top tips to help justify your software investment.
What are the security risks that should be covered by your software business continuity plan?
10 steps to selecting the right outsourcing partner.
What do you need to consider when supporting a complex SharePoint solution?
Overcome the burden of maintaining outdated software.
Helping you navigate the minefield of technology options.
Identify the causes of software project failure, and how to avoid them.
Discover challenges facing third sector IT and strategies to overcome them.
Discover challenges facing financial services IT and strategies to overcome them.
Read how to manage costs and improve efficiencies in 5 key steps.
Improve software performance, productivity, stability and security.
The pros and cons of the most widespread mobile operating system: Android.
Discover why IT outsourcing is key to the success of financial services organisations today.
Overcoming the industry shortage of experienced Delphi developers.
Find out how IT can transform casework management, saving you time and money.
How to evaluate the pros and cons of bespoke software development.
Explore the role of the IT function in commercial insurers’ business strategy.
Identify the IT challenges charities face and how to overcome them.
The A to Z of what's covered during a software health check or technical audit.
Discover the 4 key steps you need to take in order to calculate the ROI for software development.
Discover how direct and indirect costs could impact your software development project.
Packaged solutions are low cost, simple and flexible, but are you really getting what your business needs?
This slideshare helps you Identify risks in your software resilience.
As big data becomes a reality how do you comply with regulations and security?
How to manage multiple databases without compromising your data.
Identify pitfalls and improvements in software written by third parties.
Recommendations for overcoming the problems of diminishing IT skill sets.
Pros and cons of IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
A quick guide to IT outsourcing and supplier management.
Can IT Outsourcing and BPO help smooth the merger process in terms of IT?
With Public Sector job cuts can BPO enhance IT functions?
What impact will mobile devices have on organisations over the coming years?
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