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The last decade has seen exciting things happening in the area of the World Wide Web: Some websites have evolved from being simply static pages to dynamic pages full with rich and sophisticated applications to improve the users' experience. Google has been one of the pioneers of this revolution during the 21st Century and they show no sign of relenting with an entirely web-based office software suite to challenge the dominance of Microsoft Office.

Google has ingeniously used traditional techniques to provide this, which include active server pages and client scripting. The quality of the various user interfaces is quite stunning. Furthermore, Google has ensured that these applications are compatible with the plethora of different browsers and platforms currently in use. However, this all comes at a price, as Google invests millions of dollars into its software development.

This then brings us to the question of 'Is there a way to create these rich applications within a more modest budget?' The answer is 'Yes' and one of the technologies that allows us to do this is Silverlight from Microsoft. In brief, Silverlight allows us to create web applications using methods and practices similar to those that we already employ for the desktop applications (i.e. Windows) that we create. However, the inherent technical challenges found in the traditional methods are not present. Furthermore, since the application runs in a browser plug-in, the issues over compatibility with different platforms and their browsers is not present. These two advantages remove many of the technical challenges when producing high quality web applications. They allow us to concentrate on the real content of the application to deliver real tangible benefits to our customers and their businesses.

Silverlight's flexibility also bridges the gap between web and desktop software, enabling applications to easily be started from the browser and on to the Windows Start Menu.  Some applications may even be used when offline.

By using Silverlight our developers can uniquely use their current .Net Development knowledge, and also use the C# language. This familiarity ensures that our developers produce first class code that continuously exceeds our customers' expectations, on time and on budget.

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