MSM Software Blog - Infographic: Your walkthrough guide to preventing software project failure
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Infographic: Your walkthrough guide to preventing software project failure

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30 October 2012 by Rachel Stidworthy


Two thirds of IT professionals have been involved in a project which has failed to live up to expectations, according to a survey of 200 senior IT professionals which MSM Software carried out with Computing magazine.

Stories of projects over running or exceeding their budgets seem all too common and yet only 1% of IT professionals believe that it is inevitable that a software project will overrun its budget and deadlines.

For 76% of those who have experienced difficulties, they believe the requirements gathering stage could be to blame, while 67% also hold changes to the brief partly responsible.

Whatever the reason for software project failure the consequences can be insurmountable with a potential loss in profits and business reputation. The good news is that projects which seem doomed to fail can be recovered, with 60% of respondents reporting that they have managed to rescue failing projects.

This infographic is a quick and easy guide to ensure your software project doesn't fail.

Software project failure infographic


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